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Feature Writing

Photographers are not traditionally skilled in the delicate art of sentence stringing,
but for almost twentyyears Neil McAllister has regularly written for national and international magazines.

The magazines are too numerous to mention, but include many national weeklies and monthlies.
Although he specialises in UK and long-haul travel features, he regularly contributes illustrated features on craft issues, and accepts feature commissions as well as purely photographic jobs.

Currently the following word/picture packages are available for publication, and may be supplied on disk

UK Interest General
Remembering the Red Box An affectionate look at the great British phone box
The Lord Mayor's show
The greatest free show on earth
Kew Gardens The world's most famous public park.
Glorious Greenwich London's Borough at the centre of the world
Beamish The Museum of the N.E. Englands past
Bodmin Moor nothing beastly about this lovely moor
Bournemouth One of Britain's most popular seaside holiday towns
Brighton Jewel in East Sussex's Crown
Cambridge Living history in this academic enclave
Cheshire A green and pleasant county
Congleton East Cheshire'slittle gem
Constable Country The home of Britain's foremost landscape artist
North Cornwall the lovely coast round Tintagel
Cotswolds the pretty area at England's heart
Dartmoor the spectacular upland area
Dorset Coast from Weymouth to Lyme Regis
Harrogate Yorkshire's floral Spa town
Historic Portsmouth England's naval heritage
Ironbridge home of the Industrial Revolution
Isle of Man the vibrant sunny island in the Irish Sea
Isle of Wight the delightful isle n England's South Coast
Jane Austens Hampshire The county which made England's greatest writer
East Lancs Railway from Bury to Rawtenstall
Lovely Lewes the historic South Downs town
Liverpool The city Beyond the Beatles
The Malverns and Worcester
Manchester England's most vibrant city
North Devon The delights of this historic and beautiful county
New Forest an historic and beautiful area
Old Father Thames A journey from source to sea
Pilgrim's Progress A Journey through east Kent.
Plymouth the city of the Pilgrim Fathers
Portsmouth more than just the Navy Lark
Ripon glorious cathedral city of the Yorkshire Dales
Romney Marsh a pretty and historic part of Kent
Rutland England's smallest country, packed with interest
Staffordshire roaming this midlands county
Stoke on Trent and the potteries
South Sussex Eastbourne and Hastings, where history and holiday combine
Southampton maritime gateway to the world
Suffolk Coast One of Britain's most picturesque coastal areas.
The Cotswolds Englands glorious heartland
The Thames from source to sea
The Isle of Wight A journey around this sunny island
The Weald The heart of hidden Kent
Along the River Waveney from Beccles to Lowestoft
Weston Super Mare Somerset's sunniest resort
White Horse Vale a journey from Wantage to Marlborough
Winchester historic and attractive
The Wye through one of England's prettiest river valleys
Thomas Hardys Dorset A magical journey through Hardy's Wessex
Wirral Villages of this picturesque peninsula

Brecon Beacons
the delights of this lovely National Park
Cardiff - the Welsh capital since Old King Coal's departure
The Cambrian Coast The hidden delights of northwest Wales
How green is my Valley the transformation of the Valleys
Saint Davids - Britain's smallest city
Snowdonia spectacular part of North Wales

General Travel Interest
Before you go - Preparing for an enjoyable trouble-free holiday.
Holiday snapshots - Making the most of your camera on holiday.
The independent traveller's survival guide
How to travel on the cheap and survive intact.
Survive USA - How to avoid trouble on holiday in the USA.
Do-it-yourself - Breaking free of the package tour to save a fortune!
The sun and skin ageing - The facts behind the ageing effects of the sun

Country specific travel features


Taking Control Villagers in Southern Belize have started their own cooperative tourism project,
controlling their resources and finances.
Developing Tourism How Belize, with the population of a medium sized British town
is being affected by an influx of (mainly American) tourists,
and what it offers the independent traveller.
The Mayan Trail Belize & (mainly) Guatemalan Mayan sites


The land of the Thunder Dragon? This fascinating land is emerging after centuries of isolation, a colourful and fascinating glimpse at one of the world's most intact cultures.


Tourist Heaven? Isolated for 50 years, Burma (Myanmar) is one of the worlds last countries to accept tourism.
It has a fantastic heritage and much to offer the visitor, but how does it fulfill this promise?


Yunnan Less affected by the extremes of the Cultural Revolution than much of Han China, Yunnan has a rich culture, diverse minority peoples, and some glorious landscape.

Delights of the Red Sea At the southern edge of the arid Sinai peninsula lies one of the world's richest, unspoiled underwater environments.


An Artist's Garden The Garden created by Claude Monet at Giverny.
Backstreet Paris The delights of Paris hidden from the crowds


Tikal Perhaps the best Mayan site, beautiful and interesting, set in the deep Peten jungle.
Panajachel & Atitlan Set at the side of a lake, described as the most beautiful place on earth,
Panajachel offers markets, Indian Villages, unrest, and pizzas.
The Rio Dulce Used as the set for Tarzan films in the 1930's the Rio Dulce area offers wildlife, beaches,
Garifuna culture and spectacular boat journeys.


An introduction to India Delhi-Agra-Jaipur, the tourist triangle.
Monsoon Time
A Southern Indian journey.
Bombay India's liveleiest city
The Andaman Islands
A journey through one of India's most beautiful and untouched areas
Goa beyond the resort beaches
Kerala a very popular are with tourists
Snakeboat weekend On one Saturday in August Alleppey, in Kerala hosts the annual Nehru Snakeboat races, where 100 plus men crew huge racing boats on the coastal backwaters, the town is transformed from a sleepy fishing village overnight.
Into the Desert Rajastan - to Jaisalmer and beyond, visiting the Thar Desert's most attractive caravanserai and desert villages.
A Crafts Tour Discovering Northern Indian Crafts villages (Printing, Woodcrafts. Textiles, Papermaking, Dyeing).
Gujerati Textiles The desert villages of the Rann of Kutch produce some of India's most spectacular textile crafts.
Specialist Indian Crafts
Carpetmaking, Embroidery , Printing
Woodcrafts, Papermaking , Dyeing

Beyond the beaches
Beaches full of alcoholically relaxed Aussies are only one facet of Bali's charm.
Small enough to drive around in a day, it offers the independent traveller many rewarding journeys from tiny crafts villages,
to spectacular paddy filled landscapes.
Balinese Woodcrafts Specialist interest
Kitemaking in Bali Kites the size of a house are regularly flown on Balis beaches,
dwarfing a thousand tiny children's kites which fill the island's skies.
Nusa Tengarra A journey from Bali to Flores (Including Lombok and Komodo)
Woodcrafts in Jepara This Northern Javan village is in fact a huge furniture factory, as wood passes from home to home,
workshop to workshop gradually becoming finished pieces.
Javan Journey Independent travel from Jakarta to Jepara. A trip through the world’s most heavily populated (and fascinating) island.
Batik The Javan town of Solo (Surakarta) is one of the world's foremost centres of Batik production.
This feature looks at the production of Batik both for clothing and as a means of expression.

Underwater world Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean's finest waters.

General interest, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park
Woodcarving of the Kathmandu Valley fabulous woodcrafts accessible to tourists

The Karakoram Highway From Rawalpindi to the Chinese border through some of Asia's most spectacular landscapes in an area only recently made accessible.
A Day trip to Darra A trip to Darra Adam Khel,
home of Pakistan's arms manufacturing industry, deep in the tribal North West Frontier province.
All manner of guns are made in the most primitive conditions to service the Pathan man's cultural obligation to bear arms.
A Princely State Bahawalpur and Uch Sharif in South Punjab, little visited, but one of Pakistan's most fascinating areas.
Along the Grand Trunk Road from Lahore to the Khyber Pass, via Rawalpindi and Peshawar.
Pakistani Crafts. Rilly, Pakistani Patchwork, and Gabbas, a story in embroidery.

Across the Altiplano By Train from Arequipa to Lake Titicaca, rising 14,000 feet through the Andes.
The Inca Trail From Cuzco to Macchu Picchu
Terrorism & Tourism The effect of the Shining Path on travellers to Peru.
Taquile Island Beyond the day trippers on Lake Titicaca, the islanders have taken control of their destiny.
By controlling the numbers of visitors, they determine the effect on their community and benefit from the revenue.

Palawan the last frontier
Boracay Paradise Island
Cebu one of the Philippines' most pleasant cities

The jewel of the east

The Emerald Isle General travel feature.
Ancient cities Pollonaruwa, Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, jewels of Sri Lankas past.
Behind the Masks Traditional mask making - Woodcraft feature.
Crafts of Sri Lanka Batik, Woodcrafts.

Island Getaways A look at Ko Tao, one of Thailands undiscovered gems - also Ko Phi Phi
Bangkok One of South East Asias most accessible and civilised cities.

Chiang Mai and the Hill Tribe area of the Golden Triangle


I also undertake commissioned features in and out of the UK,
specialising in travel, crafts and photographic pieces.
If you have something in mind, please e-mail me.

I also have a comprehensive picture library covering a huge range of subjects in the above countries


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