Neil McAllister, Photographer B.Ed. (Hons) A.M.P.A. (NUJ member)
Garden Corner, 2b Boundary Lane, Congleton, Cheshire. CW12 3HZ. United Kingdom.
Telephone 01260 281010| Mobile 07836 661233

Locus Photographic Services
for the Legal Profession

For thirty years, Neil McAllister B.Ed. (Hons) A.M.P.A. has specialised in providing
photographic and allied services for the legal profession.

Locus in Quo
Solicitors often require photographic evidence of a location. This is usually the site of an accident or incident, such a
s this Manchester park, where a child tripped, gashing his foot. We approach this kind of work with an analytical eye, creating a set of photographs which provide highly accurate evidence of the location of accidents, or incidents. As well as recording the accident locus in detail, photographs can be taken to illustrate witnesses' viewpoints - to complement your case.

Map Production
An accurate map, is a very powerful professional tool to complement locus photographs.


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